Being a true connoisseur, I prepare gourmet food composed of high-quality ingredients which are carefully selected. My aim is to serve dishes, which appeal to our customers' senses and stir their emotions.

Talented, modest and with a wealth of experience, he admits that simplicity, except for simple solutions, is most important in his profession. In his modern kitchen, he rediscovers traditional ingredients. He emphasizes that food is not only a combination of flavours but also a harmonious combination of colours, textures and shapes. It must be healthy, mouth-watering and … superb.


We are inspired by tradition, which we try to reinterpret by mixing traditional ingredients with special ones. In our restaurant, you can find high-quality meat served with fresh seasonal vegetables. The food appeals to most sophisticated palates. We believe that you can derive pleasure from dining as we pay careful attention to turn meals into works of art. In our modestly designed restaurant, you can enjoy gourmet food in congenial and relaxed atmosphere.  Treat your taste and visit “Stół”!




“From the very first sight, restaurant invites us with great aromas. Beautiful interior is simple, because what matters it’s the food. Everything is made with attention to detail. Dishes are properly framed, they look like works of art. Salad with goat cheese – incredibly tasty and perfectly composed, pear in wine and maple syrup gave the salad a proper. House wine delicious. Final touch was dessert – halva mousse with mango. Tasted like heaven! Service extremely courteous and helpful! I would highly recommend!”

Facebook /translated from PL

“Food was sensational! Every bite, every gram is an incredible experience for the palate, the plate itself results in increased work of the salivary glands. Revelation, revelation, and once again a revelation! Portions could be a bit bigger, but let the taste does not change! Compliments to the chef!”

Facebook /translated from PL

I came to the table accidentally, encouraged by an interesting interior visible from the street. How I love such cases .. By nature I am quite fussy and quite critical, but the Chef of Stół’s kitchen definitely hit my taste. Shrimp for an appetizer, a combination of chorizo and figs – a revelation! Next was even better, because the fish in parchment paper with vegetables, literally melted in your mouth. I was too full to eat the dessert, just coffee. Ordered from local small roastery Kelleran. Bravo for your courage. I will definitely return.




Space that can be arranged to suit your individual needs.

projector, microphone and speakers at your disposal

and not only, we organise all sorts of events

modern design will suit your individual needs

served in "Stół" is not only mouth-watering but also superb

address: Św. Anny Street 4, Kraków
restaurant: +48 12 422 21 91
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